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cassandra elizabeth shanks papillion , United States

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About me

i guess im pretty fun. i live for music and love hanging out with my friends. i have 4 siblings and im the youngest, i play the guitar, sax, drums and i sing, quite well i might add, all the time.


i usually just get up and go to school in the morning... im involved in lots of school activities i guess i dont really belong to a clique. im just a normie... i hang with every one! the emos, jocks, girly girls, skaters, and well i guess i dont hang with


i mostly listen to rock, sometimes metal, taylor swift, miley cyrus... stuff like that

Movies and TV:

i looove comity movies and tv. i dont really whatch anime but sometimmes i do... not really... even though im a girl i dont like chick flicks that much. usually my mom is crying and i wonder why i dont usually cry at movies but i do sometimes


i love football! i dont play it as much as i whatch it. all my best friends think i whatch it just to stare at hot guys throw around a ball and run... yeah their that weird!!!


like i said earlier i looove singing i do it all the time im also a pretty good drawer, plus i loove to paint too... i just think its fun!!!


grads:i guess i get pretty good grades im also a pretty math nerd....


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